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SMSC & British Values

S - Spiritual

We will encourage children to explore themselves and their beliefs, experiences and surroundings, whilst respecting the faiths, feelings and values of others.

children to reflect on their own needs, beliefs, religion and interests whilst being respectful of the views, faiths, feelings and values of others. Discussions, debates and partner talk, pupil groups.

M - Moral

We will encourage children to recognise the law and what is right and wrong, understanding the consequences and exploring the moral and ethnic issues.

Children to recognise the difference between right and wrong in their owns lives, in the school environment and the wider society and to respect these laws and rules which society abides by. 

PSHE/Circle time activities, good to be green, discussions or debates around a topic, Lighthouse.

S -  Social

We will encourage children to use a range of social skills in order to respect and engage with others, irrespective of religion, belief or viewpoint in order to become active and cooperative members of the school and greater community.

Social interactions within the classroom, freedom to give their view.  Praise and acknowledgements for achievements outside of school, award assemblies.

C - Cultural

Children will be encouraged to embrace cultural differences and participate in cultural opportunities in order to accept, respect and celebrate the diverseness of Britain.

Varied cross curricular lessons or stories that focus on different cultures and traditions. A mixed RE curriculum that looks at different beliefs, cultures, food and dress that allows for discussions to explore differences and similarities, cultural days, family involvement.