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Year 4 and 5


Your children's Teacher and Teaching Assistants are: 

Mrs M McNally

Year 4 Rabbit Class Teacher

Miss R Burgin

Year 4/5 Mole Class Teacher

Miss L Roffey

Year 5 Otter Class Teacher

Miss E Townsend

Year 4 Rabbit Class TA

Mrs R Powell

Year 4/5 Mole Class TA

Miss L Issac

Year 5 Otter Class TA


Mrs F Ambreen

Year 5 Otter Class TA


We are passionate about ensuring that all children will be given the support in their learning and development throughout the year. With our collaborative planning, teaching and assessing we aim to motivate, challenge and engage the children with their learning. We reassure the children in order to develop their independence and self-belief in all areas and encourage them to self-reflect on their own understanding. Resources are always available to further support them. As a team we create engaging and creative displays which both support, scaffold and celebrate the children’s learning and achievements.

When planning lessons, we take into account the interests of the children, the different learning styles that they best respond to, and the context for learning.

Within English, we aim to develop a strong passion for reading and an appreciation for the different literary techniques that make a piece of writing outstanding through the use of high-level texts from the ‘Power of Reading’ scheme of work.

As well as our desire to create competent readers and writers, we also work hard to develop confident mathematicians by structuring our lessons so that the children are given the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills to a number of 'mastery' based challenges.   

In Years 4 & 5, we have high expectations of the children and strive to instil a number of qualities within all pupils: independence, resilience, ambition, determination, critical thinking, confidence, drive and an excellent work ethic.  We offer a bright and friendly environment in which to learn, explore, and question.  

We value creativity and active learning and so seek out lots of opportunities to use the great outdoors as a second classroom. Using this valuable teaching tool, the children grow, enquire, reason, explore and problem solve.

During your time in Year 4 & 5, you can watch us grow in confidence, as we push ourselves out of our comfort zone to rise to new challenges, maintaining a positive Growth Mindset.