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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Your children's Teachers and Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs C Powell

Woodpecker Class Teacher

Mrs A Begum

Woodpecker Class Teacher

Miss E Perry

Kingfisher Class Teacher

In English we base our planning on texts from the 'Power of Reading' scheme of work as well as RWI.  We follow the Maths Mastery scheme in Mathematics.  At Leesons, we follow the Core Curriculum when teaching foundation subjects such as History and Geography. When planning lessons, we take into account the interests of the children, the different learning styles that they best respond to and the context for learning including the children’s previous knowledge, experiences and interests to motivate, challenge and engage them.  We also value creativity and active learning so seek lots of opportunities to use the outdoors as a second classroom.

In Year 2, we have high expectations of the children and strive to instil a number of qualities within all pupils: independence, resilience, determination, confidence and a love of learning.  We offer a bright and friendly environment in which to learn, it motivates and engages the children.  Putting them first, whilst providing opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to support learning, is at the heart of our curriculum. During our time in Year 2, you can watch us grow in confidence and maturity as we push ourselves to be the best version of ourselves.