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Year 1

Welcome to Oak and Willow Class!

In Year One we have two classes: Oak and Willow. In Oak Class, the teacher is Mrs Burgin and the Teaching Assistant is Miss McCormick. In Willow class, the teacher is Mrs Olanrewaju and the Teaching Assistant is Lockwood and Miss Hay.

Mrs Burgin
Class Teacher
Mrs Olanrewaju
Class Teacher

Year One is full of happy and motivated children and adults. Lessons are always based upon the children’s prior knowledge and previous experience. A range of varied, exciting and motivating lessons are then planned with the aim of making each activity challenging but achievable for all children. Both the teachers and TAs have active teaching roles in the class and communicate regularly to make sure every child has quality adult time every day. We often use practical equipments to assist in the children’s learning, we believe having hands on, practical lessons are a fantastic tool that aids all learners.