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Who do I contact if I have concerns about my child?

If you have concerns about your child you should speak to your child’s class teacher first. You may then be directed to the SENCO.

The class teacher is responsible for…

  • Differentiating the curriculum to meet the individual needs of all pupils. Teachers are skilled at adapting learning to meet the diverse range of needs in each class. Daily planning takes into account individual pupil’s needs and requirements. Differentiation is approached in a range of ways to support access and ensure that all pupils can experience success and challenge in their learning.

  • Your class teacher would check the progress of your child and adapt their teaching where needed and identify any additional support required. Intervention arrangements are organised with opportunities for both ability and mixed setting to maximise learning opportunities for all.

  • Every teacher is required to follow the schools SEN policy.

You may then be referred to the SENCo

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) Mrs Burdett (Email:

She is responsible for:

Coordinating provision for children with SEN and developing the school’s SEN policy

  • Ensuring parents are involved in supporting their child’s learning and access to the curriculum and are consulted about planning successful movement (transition) to a new class or school

  • Liaising with a range of agencies outside of school who can offer advice and support to help pupils overcome any difficulties

  • Ensuring all staff are trained and confident to meet a range of needs.

  • Evaluating, along with other teaching and learning staff, the effectiveness of the school’s provision for pupils with special educational needs. This takes place through regular monitoring including observations of interventions, tracking of pupil progress and written/verbal feedback from those involved.