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What does an afternoon in Nurture look like?


Children follow a structure and routine that is clear to both staff and children which includes group listening and speaking, work tasks usually from their teacher, individual and shared playing and social skills. The group runs on consistency, positive reinforcement and praise.

Within the session we share a snack together – a chance to talk around the meal table, listen to each other, take turns to speak and practice using manners.

Taking part in a game, sometimes board games or team games, to encourage turn taking and coping with losing.

Circle time and sharing news – taking part and listening, sharing in a small group to build self-esteem and confidence.

Role play and drama – communication, listening to other ideas, taking on the role of different characters.

Cooking / Stories / puppets / music.

Nurture is a place where we want to see children have the opportunity to grow in confidence and become engaged and be successful learners in their classrooms and the school community.