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What do parents say?

When asked how the parents felt about the Reception at Leesons, these are some of their responses:(October 2019)

My child even asks to go to school at the weekends!’

‘The teachers respond very efficiently and promptly to Dojo and Parentmail.’

‘I like making friends and having learning choices.’

‘My child has settled very well at school.  He really enjoys it.’

‘The teachers are always available to speak with.’

‘My child is very happy to go into school.’

‘It is fun and I have new friends.’

‘My child likes to talk about his day when he comes home.

’My child feels safe at school.’

‘My child absolutely loves the staff at school.’

‘Thanks for all the hard work you do.  We are really happy with all aspects of Year R.’

‘My child found it quite difficult at first and said he never feels like he is at home, but now he loves it.’

‘School is her favourite game to play at home from register to play lessons and dojo points.’

‘Leesons is a very positive experience for my child.’

When asked what we do well, these were the responses from the parents:

Sharing RWI alphabet print out to support children at home.

Slow introduction and teacher visit benefited my child.

My child enjoys the parent reading on a Thursday.

Receiving Dojo points which are shared with parents

Book Swap every week in the playground

When asked what we could improve, parents said:

It would be nice to spend more time in the classroom observing my child - We responded by holding regular sessions where parents could come to the classroom and join their child in the learning choices.  Parents responded well to this and it has become a successful event each term.


What parents say about Home Learning?

"I really like the way it is divided in to categories."

"The videos with daily explanations and tasks work really well for my child."

"The plans are good and varied."