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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a provision that is run by our pastoral team and enriches the traditional day to day teaching within the school. The Lighthouse helps to support the emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children by meeting their needs through a wide range of interventions such 1:1 mentoring, social skills, self esteem and emotional literacy workshops and anger management workshops.  These are structured programmes which run through a term and are closely linked to the PSHE curriculum.  The Lighthouse consists of pastoral care mentors who run these workshops and they are overseen by the Pastoral Lead.  The Lighthouse promotes wellbeing and good mental health which equals achievement in all areas.  Most children during their time at Leesons will dip into the Lighthouse provision through either a programme or 1:1 support. 

Children can be referred to the Lighthouse by their teachers but parents can also request their child to be referred.  Positive and active parent involvement is encouraged and the Lighthouse is happy to work with the families of the children referred if requested.  Once referred and accepted on a programme you will be contacted by letter and the sessions will begin. These programmes are organised carefully to work around the class timetable. The Lighthouse aims to give the children strategies to self-regulate in tricky situations and to develop confidence, resilience and perseverance so they have the tools to deal with any situation.