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In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are taught to spell using the ‘Read, Write Inc. Get Spelling’ programme. The scheme teaches children a method for working out how to spell any words which have regular patterns. There is also a weekly focus on an irregular spelling pattern which need to be memorised.

In Years 3-6 children are taught spelling rules and exception words for these.  The sessions consist of learning a different rule in each lesson and then applying this rule to a range of words.  The spelling rules are revisited regularly to ensure that they are understood and embedded.   We also use a system called 'Clued Spelling', where children use clues to help them remember the spelling of words that work outside of the spelling rules.  The children really enjoy this activity as they choose the words that they will learn and are supported and assessed by the staff.  They really enjoy seeing how many words they have learnt to spell.

When writing emphasis is placed on correcting common errors, expanding vocabulary and developing spelling strategies. At the editing stage, children are encouraged to focus upon their own spellings and, making use of word banks or dictionaries, to make corrections with teacher support. They are also taught to check their punctuation and grammar and to develop their use of vocabulary through the use of thesauruses or class displays. Conferencing, sharing work with the teacher or others and discussing it enables them to look at ways to improve the style and structure of their work at the editing stage.