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We operate a self-serve snack bar which allows children to self-regulate and listen to their own hunger and energy levels, as well as building the skills needed to pour from jugs and control cups.

We use snack times as a way to teach an understanding of good hygiene with an importance placed on hand washing; a way to model manners and eating etiquette; as an opportunity to think about turn-taking and sharing fairly; to think about which foods are healthy for us and also as a social experience to talk with friends and teachers.

Under the government’s National Fruit Scheme, your child will receive a piece of fruit each day. Please inform us of any food allergies your child may have. Please do not send your child in with any foods or sweets.

Milk and Water

As nursery children are under 5 years old they are very fortunate to also be able to have a third of a pint of semi-skimmed milk each day. 

Please can you also send in a filled named water bottle each day.