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Leesons is an inclusive school that aims to develop each and every child to their full potential so they are able to make the best possible progress and become a valued member not only of the school but of the wider community.   As standard our lessons are tailored and our practices are reasonably adjusted so that the needs of all of the children are met to facilitate learning.
Leesons seeks to provide support and appropriate provision for children with specific educational needs (SEN) or those with Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH).   The range of support is tailored to the individual needs of the child through assessment by internal agencies such as The Lighthouse (part of our pastoral care provision),  SALT provision (Speech and Language) and counselling provision.  
Where necessary advice will also be sought through external agencies such as Social Eyes and reports will be requested from Educational/Clinical psychologists or referrals will be made to specialised services such as Bromley Wellbeing and CAMHS.  These supports are put in place to help facilitate learning and to ensure that all children succeed.  
Please find the link to the Bromley borough local offer: