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Reading VIPERS


In KS2 children are taught to develop their reading comprehension skills through the VIPERS approach. VIPERS is a range of reading prompts, developed by The Literacy Shed, based on the reading content domains found in the National Curriculum. The ‘VIPER’ reading skills are: vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation and summerising/sequencing.

Through a combination of whole class and group sessions children work through a series of tasks which will develop their understanding of different types of reading skill. 

An example of how questions link to the VIPERS:

V - Can you think of one word that will best describe how the girl's Father is feeling?
I - How is the girl feeling at this point?  Use evidence from previous pages to explain why she may be feeling like this. 
P - What do you think will happen now her Father has arrived? 
- Explain the difference between her Father in this scene and when we see him in the first two pages of the book. 
- Where are the characters when the girl's father finds them?
S - The Father will want to know what has been happening.  Imagine you are the girl, summarise the events in the story so far to tell to her Father.

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