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Lighthouse Team - Pastoral and Inclusion support

We believe it is important to support the whole child.  As a team we have lots of experience working with children and supporting them educationally, emotionally and socially.  The team is made up of Mrs Burdett (SENCo), Miss Nabdoo (Pupil Support Lead), Ms Marshall (HLTA) and Ms Barton (HLTA).

Your child can be supported in a number of ways, including:

Breathing Group

At the beginning of each school day chosen children are invited to participate in breathing group.  We use various breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness and guided imagery.  Children report it helps them to feel calmer, sleep better and manage their emotions. 

Social Skills Groups

This is a programme to support children in listening, turn taking, sharing, conversation skills and friendships. 


1:1 Child led support enabling the child to bring any issues they wish to be discussed and worked through.                                   


Qualified Play therapists form Kent counselling come into school twice-weekly to work with children on a variety of issues from loss to anger management. 

Self Esteem Groups

A programme to enable children to think more positively about themselves. 

Zones of Regulation

This is used throughout the school to support children to regulate all of their emotions and recognise that all emotions are okay- it's just how we handle it that matters.

Looking after animals

It is well known that caring for animals supports mental health, social skills and empathy.  We currently do not have the animals at school but we were very lucky to have two guinea pigs and two rabbits in school, previously. 


Therapeutic sessions

6 weeks of adult led work based on the needs of the child as identified by the parent or teacher. 

Gardening Club

 Encouraging social interactions in a small adult led group that is out in nature. The benefits of nature are well known to support mental health. The children eat together outside and then work hard to maintain our garden area.   

Support in school

We can set up groups for a variety of reasons depending on the current needs of the school.  These include bereavement support from Living On, an external agency who come in and support children in school. 

Children can be referred into the service by teachers and parents.  If you would like some support for your child, let us know. All referrals are discussed within the team and support given as soon as possible.