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PE Quotes

"PE allows me to improve my skills in a range of sports such as football, basketball and hockey." Riley -Year 6 Mahogony 

"I enjoy when someone throws the ball and I have to catch it."  Ava - Year 1 Willow.

"I love PE because I really enjoy rounders." Ava - Year 2

I love rounders because it is a competitive team sport." Daniel- Year 5 palm 

"I like playing rounders and hitting the ball." Lelya - Year 2

'I love getting faster and improving my running. I also like practising my batting and fielding skills in cricket." Honii-Year 5 Sycamore 

'I enjoy playing team games like cricket as I enjoy batting.' Damian-Year 4 Cedar

"I like getting better at batting the ball in rounders and being in a team."  Kari- Year 2

"My favourite game to play is dodge ball, but I like all team games that we learn to play in PE." Eloise- Year 4 Birch

"In PE I love playing lots of different sports and getting to play in teams. I especially enjoyed swimming and improving my front crawl and racing against my friends." Betsy - Year 6 Beech