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Our Learning in Spring Term 1


We have been learning about contractions in English. To help develop our knowledge we got creative and became contraction surgeons! To really get into character and secure our understanding we dressed for the occasion in surgical gloves and masks. We had a lot of fun and gained a good understanding of what contractions are, how they are formed and the type of punctuation that must be included. We now hope to use them in our writing where possible.  


In Year 6, we have been learning about an important time period in history: ‘The Medieval Period’. We have been participating in a variety of discussions and activities in order to develop our understanding of this crucial time. This week, we re-enacted a key event from this era: ‘The Battle of Hastings.’ We used our performance, communication and teamwork skills to develop an engaging and accurate depiction of the battle which we thoroughly enjoyed.


We have been getting very creative during our art lessons. This term, we have looked closely at the work of Andy Warhol. Drawing inspiration from his art style, we created our own Campbell’s soup tins. See if you can spot some of our ‘imaginative’ flavours! As well as this, we also developed our knowledge and understanding of ‘Pop Art’ and then used this style to create our very own emoji inspired pieces of artwork.