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Our Animals @ LPS

Our children are growing up in a faceless disposable society where it is all to easy to replace or disregard items or even friendships without dwelling on the consequences.

 Our intention is to get children back outside enjoying activities which are less aggressive and anxiety reducing.  One of the ways we are doing this is through our animals. The children are aware that the animals require daily stable care and they want to be there for them.

 Studies by Lawrence Robinson and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D who have produced work around mental health support have looked into numerous studies regarding animals and mental health and found the outcomes to be positive.  They have found studies showing how pets reduce depression and anxiety and how touching animals have helped those with sensory difficulties.  They have also stated that pets can help children regulate stress and calm themselves making them better equipped to overcome challenges. 

 Within their classes, the children have access to the animals and their teachers can take them as part of the lesson or for a reward.   Children are completing their work and trying their best because they want to be the part of the reward group that gets to go out and spend time feeding and caring for the animals.   Our youngest to our oldest children ask to see the animals and to hold them.

As a school it is important for us to teach children what it means to look after an animal, the RSPCA are supporting this goal and are teaming up with schools to deliver focus talks on animal welfare issues.  We have signed up for this initiative and alongside the RSPCA we will be educating the next generation of animal lovers.  

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