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Nurture Group - The Sunshine Room

What is a Nurture group?

 Nurture groups are founded on evidence- based practises and offers a short term, inclusive focused intervention that works long term. Nurture groups are a way of meeting the needs of children through a balance of learning and enrichment experiences. A nurture group provides a safe and supporting environment that meets the different developmental stages of each individual child. Nurture groups are small and include up to 6 children, children will attend nurture groups for a short period of approximately 2 terms in the afternoon and look to integrate back into their class after this.  Children still play an active part in their mainstream class.

Our Nurture group

We will assess the learning and social and emotional needs of each child and then look to remove barriers to learning.  We emphasise on language development and communication, this is helped by working in small groups or 1:1. Staff in the Nurture room will model positive relationships and will become role models to the children. The relationship between pupil and staff will be nurturing and supportive and aim to develop each child at their own pace. We will have a snack time and look to enjoy something to eat whilst sitting at the table and sharing conversations teaching the children to listen and to be listened to. As the children develop and progress we will monitor their progress using a Boxall profile, a framework designed especially to assess the social, emotional and behavioural needs of the child.

For more information on Nurture please click here

What parents have said...

The time spent in Nurture has made all the difference.

Thank you for your support, my child speaks highly of Nurture!

I am amazed at what my child has learnt whilst in Nurture, I didn't think they would learn about science too!