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Learning outside the classroom

Nothing can substitute for experiencing the world first-hand and this begins with children exploring their own environment. The outdoor environment has the capacity to inspire, motivate and enrich our children to become holistic learners. We use the outdoor environment like a second classroom,  to equipt our children with a number of key skills and to provide a diverse and varied curriculum. 

Learning outdoors also takes part every day at Leesons and across all subjects including Maths, Literacy, Science, History, Geography and RE (Environment). During planning for all subjects, teachers actively look for opportunities to bring the learning outside - using creative techniques to bring the subject to life using the opportunity that the great outdoors provides.

What our children enjoy about our outdoor environment -

"I love to go and visit the animals." - Jenson

"My favourite is the climbing frame and running on the hills." - Alexander

"I enjoy when we do counting games and go on shape hunts around the school" - Billie

"I liked when we went around the school to find different plants and what they looked like." - Isabelle