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Learning outside the classroom

In Reception, we are lucky enough to have an outdoor area which we use all of the time. Every day the outdoor area is set up with inspiring and exciting activities to compliment the children's current learning and whilst ensuring they are accessing the EYFS curriculum.

The large climbing frame area allows the children to develop their gross motor skills which is a prime area of the children’s learning. The construction zone lends itself to developing the children’s communication skills, relationship building skills and imagination. The water and sand areas are set up with a range of resources to support the children’s literacy and maths skills. The mini-beast reading area is always in use and the children are able to read stories on the sofas or and act the stories out in the space. The children enjoy planting, picking fruit and finding bugs in the garden area and this develops their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Forest School

Each week, the children are provided with the opportunity to attend Forest School, on the school site.  Forest school provides all learners with opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self esteem through 'hands on' learning experiences in the outside, natural environment.  Through exploration, children will get close to nature and will partake in activities such as minibeast hunts, mud kitchen cooking, den building, tree climbing, leaf rubbings, marshmallow roasting and much much more. To see our Forest School in action, visit our photo gallery page and click on the 'Forest School' tab.

What do the children say about the outdoor area?

“My favourite place is the garden because I like finding the wiggly worms and seeing where they live."  Shanel

“I like building all different things with the bricks (construction zone). I built a skateboard and a giant firework launcher- all of my friends even helped me make it in the end”- Tyler

“In the mud kitchen I make cakes, coffee, tea, sandwiches and yummy pie. I wrote the menu for it on the board. Want to see what is new on the menu today?” – Dollie