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Learning in Year 6


We have a very busy year ahead of us in Year 6 packed full of new skills, new challenges and new knowledge. Take a look below to see exactly what we will be getting up to.


As our time starts to come to a close in Year 6, and we become one-step closer to our secondary school journey, we have decided to focus on the theme ‘Memories’ for this academic term. Using this theme as a stimulus for both our writing and reading, we will continue to work hard in order to consolidate previously taught skills, as well as acquire some new skills. With regards to reading, we will be using a range of texts to strengthen our understanding of vocabulary and text structure, and explore the impact that both of these have on the reader as a result.

With regards to our writing skills, we will be starting this academic term off by looking at a famous poem called ‘The Magic Box,’ which is written by Kit Wright. We will be closely analysing the poem, in particular looking at the linguistic features used by the poet to engage the reader, such as alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, and expanded noun phrases. Drawing on the poets writing style, we will then be producing our own ‘The Magic Box’ inspired poems, focusing on our own important memories (both inside and outside of school) which we would like to put in our very own ‘Magic Box.’ Following this, we will start off our next writing journey by watching an extremely emotive animation called ‘The Piano,’ produced by Aidan Gibbons. Using this powerful animation as a stimulus, we will be producing our very own story which contains both flashbacks and flash-forwards. Throughout this piece of writing, we will be experimenting with language in order to conjure emotion within the reader, using a range of descriptive devices to bring the setting to life, and exploring a range of adverbial phrases in order to signpost changes in place and time.


In maths, we will be participating in a number of activities in order to develop a stronger understanding of a range of mathematical concepts. This term we will be looking closely at fractions, decimals and percentages, and developing our understanding of how we can convert from one to another. Within this area of maths, we will not only be strengthening our fluency, but we will also be developing our ability to reason and problem solve using the necessary mathematical vocabulary and methods. As well as this area of maths, we will be spending some time on the topic of algebra. During these lessons, we will be finding rules, forming expressions, looking at substitution, and solving algebraic equations. To finish the half term off, we will be looking closely at the area of geometry and within this participating in a number of kinaesthetic activities in order to explore the properties of a range of shapes.


In science this term, we will be focusing on the topic ‘Sound’. We will be using the outdoor environment as a great teaching tool to explore the concept of sound, what produces sound, and what types of sound exists. In addition to this, we will also be using our crafting skills in order to create our own string telephones, which we will then use to assist us in explaining how sound is created, how we are able to hear sound, and why sound gets fainter when you are further away from the source of the sound. Not only will we be developing our scientific knowledge through these methods, but we will also be putting on our lab coats and science googles and exploring the concept of sound waves, pitch and volume through a number of interesting and engaging scientific experiments.

History and Geography

We are extremely excited about our topic for this term. We will be focusing on the topic of ‘Ancient Egyptians.’ Within this topic, we will be exploring a number of aspects of Ancient Egypt, including the River Nile, hieroglyphics, mummification, and the lifestyle of the Ancient Egyptians. From the information that we gather during the research process, we will then be able to produce our very own non-chronological report based on the Ancient Egyptians. We may very well become historical experts by the end of this term!


In art this term we will be utilising our history topic (Ancient Egyptians) in order to produce a range of amazing artwork. To begin with, we will be exploring images of pharaohs, paying particular attention to the headdress, patterned clothing and make-up that they wore. Using a black and white, side-profile photograph of our own heads, we will then use our artistic skills to design our very own headdress, make-up and patterned clothing, and then apply this to our photographs. Following on from this piece of artwork, we will then be exploring the use of Canopic jars in Ancient Egypt. From the information that we gather, we will then construct our very own Canopic jars out of clay, paying close attention to mould shape and intricate detailing. Finally, we will be finishing off the school year by looking closely at hieroglyphics which was a form of writing used in Ancient Egypt. Once we familiarise ourselves with this writing system, we will then create our very own hieroglyphic symbols using our sketching skills, as well as any recyclable materials that we can get our hands on. We may even create a message using our own hieroglyphic designs for a friend to decode.