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Learning in Year 6

We have a very busy term ahead of us in Year 6 packed full of new skills, new challenges and new knowledge. Take a look below to see exactly what we will be getting up to.


As we start our last year of primary school, we begin the year by ensuring that love for reading is still embedded with all the children. A class story is read out weekly to the children and the children can read to the class as well. As well as this, we begin the year by recapping what we have learned in our Grammar lessons throughout KS2, this is to ensure that we are secure with these particular areas and are able to use them freely within class. 

With regard to our writing skills, we are going to be reading the classic 'The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe', written by C.S.Lewis. We start this term by looking at the author of this book and writing a biography after doing our own research. We will then move onto using figurative language to describe elements of the story and characters. 


In maths this term, we will be focusing on fractions. We will still be working on securing our place value knowledge and extending our ability to answer larger multiplication, division, addition and subtraction questions. We will be also be diving into fractions.  Within these areas of maths, we will not only be strengthening our fluency, but we will also be developing our ability to reason and problem solve using the necessary mathematical vocabulary and methods. We will be learning how to find equivalent fractions and how to convert fractions using a number of different methods. As well as the maths lessons we teach, we know that learning the multiplication and division facts are vital to understanding and being able to answer a range of questions. We are also challenging the children each week with arithmetic style questions so that can become more confident when answering those questions.


Our topic in Science for the next half-term is 'Electricity'. Within this topic we will be touching on previous learning from year 4 and 5. Fair testing will be a large focus for us this term, and we will be creating our own experiments to test different questions based around Electricity.

History and Geography

We are extremely excited about our topic for this term. We will be focusing on the topic of 'World War 1'. Within this topic, we will be diving into the life of the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for the greater good. We will be learning about the conditions in the trenches and how and why the started.  


In art, we will be looking at colour mixing. How colours compliment each other, how to create a colour wheel. We will also be linking what we know with the colour wheel and creating a piece of art that links to World War 1.