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Learning in Year 1

Spring Overview:


In English this term out focus books will be ‘The Lonely Beast’ by Chris Judge and ‘How To Find Gold’ by Viviane Schwarz.  The children will be role-playing, reading, recounting, creating story maps, lists, drawings, character and setting descriptions and creating their own spin off stories from these narratives.  They will also look at non-fictional texts and how they are different to fiction, carry out letter writing, experience and compose poetry.  They will continue with the ‘Read, Write, Ink’ programme to learn their phonics and there will continue to be daily reading sessions, where they enjoy books from the book corner or are reading one to one, with an adult.


Maths will revisit and build upon understanding: number and place value; addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; fractions; measurement and geometry.  Topics that have been introduced in the Autumn term will be given greater depth and new topics will involve lots of practical activities to engage the children.  We will be counting, ordering, finding missing numbers, calculating and comparing amounts, learning the properties of shapes, how to measure and applying knowledge to tackle simple problem solving with the emphasis on real life scenarios.

Science & Knowledge of the World

Science will focus on ‘Everyday Materials’ and in the latter term ‘Forces’.  We will be exploring different materials, sorting, comparing and describing the features of these materials.  Then carrying out simple experiments and investigations and recording our findings.  In RE, we will be studying Judaism and festivals/celebrations, then Christianity and the Easter story.  The children will be learning about space travel and the planets, creating art and music to this theme.  There will be dinosaur artwork and research into the ice age and Antarctica.