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Learning in Year 1

Summer Overview:


Our stories this term are ‘Pattan’s Pumpkin’ by Chitra Soundar and Frané Lessac and ‘Grace and Family’ by Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch.  Pattan’s Pumpkin in an adaptation of a flood story from Kerala in southern India.  Whilst Grace and Family deals the important experiences of family life, separation and reunion.  The children will be finding out about myths and story-telling.  Their learning will encompass writing descriptions, performing role plays and enjoying poetry which will build and strengthen their vocabulary.  Later in the term they will be learning about writing for non-fiction purposes.


There will be an emphasis on the children being able to calculate mentally and to be able to work competently in number and calculation.  Wherever possible, Maths will be linked to other areas of the curriculum and real life situations.  We will be recapping addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies.  Following these core areas, the children will be moving on to learning about measure.

Science & Knowledge of the World

Maps, globes and atlases will accompany us on our voyage of discovery, destination the continent of Africa.  The children will find out about African animals and their habitats, they will use ICT to create posters and write fact files.  Children will learn about the basic structure of plants and trees and record their own observations.  Friendship and getting on with one another, will be the theme in RE.  There will also be a Year One visit to Kent Life.