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Learning Outside the Classroom

In Year 6, we really recognise the value of the outdoor environment, and it's capacity to engage, inspire, motivate, develop and empower our children to become lifelong learners. We love to use the outdoor environment as a second classroom and have found that a number of key skills can be acquired: resilience, independence, critical thinking, perseverance and problem-solving.

During Outdoor Learning, the children will be learning 6 key skills throughout the year - Shelter Building, Geographical Skills and Navigation, Play and Exploration, Using Tools, Knot Tying and using fire for cooking. These skills will be taught in way to allow the children to explore and have fun. They will learn how to assess risk and take chances. 

Take a look at the children's testimonials below which show what outdoor learning means to them, and then click on the tabs to the right to gain an insight into the type of outdoor lessons that we have had fun partaking in so far this year.

"I like outdoor learning because the fresh air helps me to concentrate." - E.S

"I like outdoor learning because I  get lots of ideas from the outdoor environment which help me with my learning." - K.G

"I like outdoor learning because I get to explore, ask questions and challenge myself." - K.D

"I like outdoor learning because I find that it helps me with my writing. I can use the environment to help me to think of more impressive vocabulary." - S.P

"I like outdoor learning because its more fun, helps me to focus, think better and learn new things." - O.C