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How do we teach reading? (Read Write Inc)

At Leesons, we use Read Write Inc. Phonics; a programme designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers. Developed by Ruth Miskin, it provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy using pictures and mnemonics linked to each sound. Children learn in small groups and sessions are taught daily by teachers and teaching assistants in such a way that children experience success right from the very beginning. They are helped to read accurately with good comprehension, as well as form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by-step. To find out more about Read Write Inc., please visit

In order to support your child in learning to read, here are some suggestions for activities which can be done at home: 

1. Fred talk games - these involve breaking everyday words down into their sounds, known as 'Fred Talk' in Read Write Inc. For example, "It is time for l-u-n-ch" or "Put on your c-oa-t". This helps children to recognise the sounds within words and encourages the skill of blending. You could also incorporate this into Simon Says themed games, such as "touch your h-ea-d" or "point to something r-e-d". Try to stick to simple words without too many sounds; it is important your child feels they have succeeded.  

2. Online games - some examples of useful websites are Phonics Play, Woodlands Literacy and Teach Your Monster to Read. These have fun, free interactive phonics games which encourage children to sound out and orally blend words.

3. Daily reading - enjoying books everyday, even the same book over again, offers a surprising number of benefits for new readers, such as vocabulary and word recognition, pattern and rhythm awareness, fluency, comprehension and confidence. Whether these be picture books or books with words, regular reading is simply great for your child. Visit the Oxford Owl website for online access to a wide variety of books, or check out for some suggested age appropriate reads. 

Finally, children are provided with a levelled reading book to take home from school each week. This is carefully selected to suit your child's reading ability; please ask your child's class teacher for more information about appropriate levelled reading books.

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