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Governing Body

The Governing Body is fully involved in supporting the School at every level. The School Improvement plan is kept under constant review.  Governors receive regular reports from the Senior Leadership Team, who set very aspirational standards for all. We have a very stable Governing Body with a wide range of experience to closely monitor the teaching and learning, the budget and the views of staff, pupils and parents.  Governors make regular visits to the school, meet with subject leaders and review different aspects of both curriculum and school life during the academic year.  Governors also attend important events during the school calendar such as special assemblies, performance, social events and parents evenings.  

Monitoring & Curriculum Committee

This Committee holds the School to account for the teaching and learning of our children by regularly reviewing progress and achievement. Relevant data is scrutinised and, in consultation with the Senior Leadership Team, the committee oversees a programme of Governor visits allied to the needs of the School. This has resulted in ensuring that action has been taken when significant trends start to appear.

Resources Committee 

This committee keeps the Trust  budget reports under review to ensure that the needs of the School are met and that we constantly seek best value.  The committee receives reports on staffing so the Governors are always aware of issues arising that may affect teaching and learning; for example, teaching in a particular class, long term sickness and maternity leave. From these reports Governors are able to ensure and the best outcomes for pupils.  The Resources Committee ensures that the school maintenance programme, any new build or new school facilities meet the required specifications, safety requirements and budget before commencement and during work.

Governors Vision

  • To support and challenge our school in its goal to become an outstanding school in all aspects.  We will help achieve this by each Governor taking an active and involved role in the schools development. 
  • Our membership of TSPT will enable us to share and receive “good practice” from our peer schools and professional assistance from the Trust itself.