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Friends of Leesons (PTA)

All about us!

“Friends of Leesons” (FOL) is made up of parents, carers, staff and friends of Leesons Primary School.  All members volunteer their time to organise and run events for the children of Leesons.  

Why Do We Have a Friends of Leesons PTA?

The PTA is an integral part of a school community.  We want to work together to raise money to spend on improving equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education and school experience.

BUT -  it is much, much more than just fundraising! Our discos, film clubs, coffee mornings, Christmas Fayre’s & Summer Fete are run with the aim of giving the children a great time, and helping parents to get to know one another better. Friends of Leesons exists to provide closer links between home and school, and it is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially, in support of the school, working towards a common goal. And... we hope... it will be fun!  All parents and staff are automatically members of the Parent Teacher Association when they join our school. 

How Do We Raise Money?

As in most schools, the majority of our funds are raised through the events that we run. Some of our most popular events are the:

  • Christmas Fayre
  • Summer Fete
  • Discos
  • and the provision of refreshments at other school events

As you can see, there is always something going on!

Donations are also extremely important. These can be of time, money, items for sale, donations for raffles etc... and most importantly – supporting our events by attending them!

How We Spend the Money We Raise?

We have a ‘wish list’ of items that the school would like to purchase. Sometimes this will be as a result of the children asking for something through their pupil voice groups, staff asking through the headteacher, or parents suggestions. 

All of the money we raise is spent on resources to improve a particular area of the curriculum or school environment.  PTA funds are for the ‘extras’ not provided by the school budget, that make our children’s learning experiences so much more fulfilling and exciting.  We always endeavour to spend our funds in ways that will benefit all our children, across all areas of the school and curriculum.

How Can I Get Involved?

There are lots of ways you can help and support the children of Leesons Primary School through the PTA: offering to help at events or at other times during the year is so valuable – it really is a case of ‘many hands make light work’. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help on a regular basis, or even if you can’t come into school. There are always little jobs that can be done from home if you have half an hour to spare, e.g. wrapping gifts, preparing raffle tickets, designing posters etc. We would also love to hear about new ideas for how we can raise money.

Contact Us

If you would like to be involved or have ideas you want to share please leave your details at the office and they will pass them onto us or you can email Friends of Leesons via the school office email:

How can I find out what is happening?

Forthcoming events and requests for help are included in the school newsletter, via parent mail and posters around the school site.

On behalf of all the children we would like to thank you for your very valuable support which enriches their learning experiences and makes their time in school so enjoyable.