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Educational Visits

In The Spring Partnership trust (TSPT), we believe that educational visits are an integral part of the entitlement of every pupil to have access to an effective and balanced curriculum. Planned visits are known to enhance learning and improve attainment. The benefits to pupils taking part in visits and learning outside the classroom include, but are not limited to: 

  • Improvements in their ability to cope with change. 

  • Increased critical curiosity and resilience.

  • Increased levels of trust and opportunities to examine the concept of trust. 

  • Improved achievements and attainment across a range of curricular subjects. Pupils are active participants and a wide range of learning styles can flourish. 

  • Enhanced opportunities for ‘real world’ learning in context and the development of social and emotional aspects of their learning. 

  • Greater sense of personal responsibility.

In addition to this, at Leesons Primary School, we believe that off-site school trips and visits can offer lots of different benefits for our children.  Not only do they provide an opportunity for the pupils to learn outside the classroom, but they also help to develop their social skills, increase confidence and encourage personal development.


We endeavour to have at least one visit every half term and these will include a variety of local area trips or visits, library visits and visits which take the children further afield.  The visits and trips are all linked to the children's learning.  We are aware that coaches are very expensive and where possible, we arrange these visits and trips to use public transport in order to keep the costs to a minimum.


For any visit to take place, we ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost, which is worked out at a cost per child. However, we do not discriminate between those contributing and those who do not. All children will be able to participate provided we have sufficient contributions to make the visit financially viable. 


Our method of payment is via ‘Parent pay’ and using this will automatically act as permission for your child to take part in the event / visit.’