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Accident and Illness

Report your child's absence

  • If your child is absent you should phone 01689 602786 before 9.00 or send a message via email on each day of absence to advise the reason.
  • Please note, a reason of ‘unwell’ or 'poorly' is not acceptable, we do require the exact nature of the illness.  

If your child is absent for more than 3 days, medical evidence must be provided.

Please note, it is possible for us to administer medicines (e.g Calpol /Ibuprofen / Antibiotics) on your behalf as long as they have been prescribed by a doctor. Please talk to the school office who will help you complete the correct paperwork in order that your child can continue to attend school where appropriate.

Sickness and/or Diarrhoea

When a child is absent due to vomiting and/or diarrhoea, please ensure that he/she is symptom free for at least 48 hours before returning to school.

Please refer to our full policy “Medical matters and the administration of medication”.

Covid Symptoms

While covid restrictions are in place there are some additional requirements around attendance.  We ask that if your child is displaying any covid symptoms (cough, temperature, loss of taste or smell) that they isolate until a negative PCR test is received.  Please be aware that other symptoms include cold like symptoms, sore throats, headaches and sickness/diarrhoea. 

If a household member tests positive children can still attend school.  However, we ask that they do a lateral flow test each day, even if they are not displaying symptoms.  

Remember, if an adult family member teats positive they must isolate and another adult must bring your child to school and collect.  If this is not possible your child will need to isolate with you and should let us know.  

Children who are isolating are not marked as absent, there is an isolation code which we will use if you let us know.  

Medical / Hospital Appointments

Wherever possible please make appointments outside of school hours.

  • If an appointment must be made during school hours, please endeavour to make it as late in the day as possible; all children have Maths and English during the morning which can be more difficult to catch up on.
  • Should you be forced to make an appointment during the day, your child should be returned to school afterwards.  They should also attend in the morning and be collected for appointments later than 10am. The absence will only be authorised for a reasonable amount of time around the appointment. 
An appointment card or letter must be provided in order for the absence to be authorised.

Exceptional Leave of Absence

  • Absence should only be requested if circumstances are exceptional, i.e. compassionate grounds and must be applied for in advance of the absence. Please apply in writing for the attention of Mrs G Sesli, Executive Headteacher.
  • Please note, it is not the right of the parent to take children on holiday during term time. Unauthorised absences can result in a Penalty Notice (fine).
  • If you do decide to take your child(ren) on an unauthorised holiday / absence, you should still let the Attendance Officer know. Lack of communication can result in our Educational Welfare Officer or the police having to make a home visit, and miscommunication can result in awkward and embarrassing conversations having to be had.